France sends more troops to Groznia; conspiracy theories proliferate

France has dispatched more elite military units to the Central Asian republic of Kalamaristan, where they are attempting to hunt down the separatist guerilla warlord Aslan Gulbuddin, the self-styled Khan of Neo Groznia. Numerous conspiracy theories are circulating concerning the real purpose behind the deployment. In a statement, the Groznian separatists pledged to create a quagmire for the French forces. Read More

Groznia: struggle for coltanite reveals globe-spanning web of intrigue

The breakaway Central Asian enclave of Groznia is heating up again, with fears that a firefight involving French commandos ambushed outside the Kalamarbashi refinery may lead to an international incident. Caught on camera are security guards working for Coca-Cola dropping off the alleged assailants from an unmarked van. This could further strain relations between the French and Coca-Cola. Two civilians wounded in the crossfire were taken to a local hospital but later seized at gunpoint by members of Gulbuddin Khan's militia, leading to speculation that they were more then just bystanders. Dr. James Brent, renowned conspiracy researcher, in an exclusive interview blows the cover on the official story that the Groznian war is a struggle between Coca-Cola and French mineral water interests for access to the region's pristine mountain aquifers. Behind this facade, lies the real struggle-for the rare and strategic mineral coltanite, the key element in a strategy for total world domination, with sinister Swedish banking interests lurking in the shadows. Dr. Brent says a crisis is being manufactured, and we will see massive NATO intervention in Groznia before the year is out...unless Americans wake up! Read More

France claims Groznian link in Vespugia crisis

The notorious Groznian warlord Aslan Gulbuddin Khan has been on the edges of many of the darker corners of global intelligence intrigue. Over the years his far-reaching career has led him into alliances with the Central Intelligence Agency, MI6, Mossad and Capitol Records. But who exactly is he working for now? Read More