Ichthyoid imposter Paul McCartney to play Citi Field - subliminal mind-control goes on

The supposed "Sir Paul McCartney" will be the first musician to perform at Citi Field, the new home of the New York Mets. But while it was the real Paul McCartney who famously performed with the Beatles at the Mets' old home, Shea Stadium, the current "Paul McCartney" is actually the Faux Paul or "Faul" who replaced the original Beatle after his death in a car wreck in 1968--now revealed to have been instrumented by Swedish intelligence agents.

Conspiracy researcher Dr. James Brent has uncovered irrefutable evidence that this imposter is actually the carrier of an alien ichthyoid bloodline, and was planted in the '60s supergroup as part of the insidious Swedish design to implant alien messages in the world media. This "Faul" has long been identified as Phil Ackrill, a Beatle hanger-on who underwent plastic surgery and took the Cute Beatle's place after his assassination. "The appearance of the word 'krill' in Ackrill's name is the tip-off," says Dr. Brent. "Most carriers of the ichthyoid bloodline have surnames that reference aquatic lifeforms--a legacy of the eerie fish-like smell that emanates from them. The inability of the other Beatles to share a studio with the foul-smelling Faul was a factor leading to the group's break-up."

Dr. Brent says that hidden messages in Faul's 1970 hit "Maybe I'm Amazed" were responsible for some of the key political events of that year--including the election of Salvador Allende in Chile, who advanced the Swedish agenda of spreading a supposedly "democratic" socialism in the Western Hemisphere. It is uncertain if the Christian patriot Augusto Pinochet who liberated Chile from this insidious menace was fully aware of the forces behind the godless Allende dictatorship. "Nonetheless," says Dr. Brent, "all of humanity owes this savior a debt of gratitude."

Followers of the Veracity movement will be protesting outside Faul's concert at Citi Field. Veracity activist Herschel Bowen says his followers will be distributing a petition calling for an independent investigation into the Paul McCartney murder. "All Beatles fans owe it to themselves to check out Dr. Brent's explosive findings," he told Conspiranoids.com. "We will not rest until all ichthyoid imposters in pop music have been uncovered."