9-11 disinfo: 'nano-termites' are a false flag op!

Discredited reports on "false flag" websites are deceiving the world on the truth of 9-11, says former Air Force Col. Fletcher Coopwell. "Don't believe the 'nano-termite' hype!" he warns. The supposedly "peer reviewed" Open Chemical Physics Journal has printed claims that "nanotermites were found in the debris of the Twin Towers, showing that more than a plane took down the towers." But Col. Coopwell reveals that this supposed "Open Chemical Physics Journal" is a shadow creation of the Federal Algorithm Reconnaissance Taskforce--a "black budget" agency so ultra-secret that its own director doesn't know it exists!

The super-spook agency is charged with tracking Conspiracy Theory websites, implanting each with a distinct secret algorithm, so government monitors can distinguish mere noise from accurate information and official disinfo. Col. Coopwell is privy to the algorithm code, and thereby recognizes the pages promoting "nano-termites" as the Taskforce's own "black propaganda" sites.

"Nothing so clumsy as a 'nano-termite' could have brought down the towers," Col. Coopwell states in his latest e-mail. "Pulverizing that much steel so quickly required nano-amoebas. The Pentagon's nano-tech labs have long been in a race with the bio-tech boys over who could develop the ultimate steel-eating 'gray goo' faster. Nano-amoebas were planted in the Twin Towers, which brought down the support beams before you could say 'Jiminy Cricket.' The rest you saw on CNN."

Small amounts of nano-amoeba "gray goo" were indeed found in the Ground Zero rubble. But these traces were immediately seized by federal agents. Col. Coopwell says these samples have for the past eight years been hidden in a secret vault in Antarctica that the government maintains to sequester recovered traces of technology that officially doesn't "exist."

Ironically, Col. Coopwell's notes and computer files on the pre-planted nano-amoebas were destroyed in the collapse of World Trade Center 7 on 9-11. "That wasn't part of the original plan. But they suspected I was gonna reveal the amoebas, and that's why they the brought down 7. They double-crossed me."

Col. Coopwell disappeared from his office at WTC 7 on Sept. 9, 2001--the same day Ahmad Shah Masoud was assassinated in Afghanistan. Steps ahead of icthyoid agents, he went deep underground. His one trusted contact who receives the heavily encrypted e-mails is conspiracy researcher Dr. James Brent, who has offered them as an exclusive only to Conspiranoids.com!

From an unknown location somewhere on Planet Earth, Col. Coopwell defies death orders from the most elite and secretive of federal agencies, warning the world of the disinformation campaign waged as an official act of state. How long he lives to speak the truth depends on how fast he can stay ahead of nearly every intelligence agency on earth, all attempting to triangulate his location and silence him--forever.

Conspiranoids.com, which has exclusive access to Col. Coopwell's communications, is one of the very few websites (perhaps no more than 10 worldwide) flagged with the special government algorithm code for sites that have accurate information--the "Veracity" code! Which means that our days may be numbered as well! Please support us while you can!!!

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